F.O. Splice Closure In-Line Type 12, 24 Core

Fiber Optic Splice Closure, horizontal type and dome type, which supports optical link, branch, distribution and storage. It can be
used for both single core cable core cable and ribbon cable.
On the FTTx network, the fiber splice box can take over functions of the optical cross connection cabinet andoptical distribution box,
and higher requirements are put forward for the number of inlet cables of the fiber splice closure.


– Made of high impact polycarbonate engineering plastic , UV protection and resistance
to chemical corrosion
– Can be used in wall-mounting, aerial, underground, hand
hole-mounting and duct-mounting
– Design branch closure or inline closure with mechanical sealing method : No heat shrink
– Mechanical sealing adjusts to cable aize
– Reliable and easy to install
– High compressive strength no require special tool
– Fiber optic splice trays (FOSTs) are designed in SLIDE-IN-LOCK and its opening angle is about 90
– Easy and fast to incrase and reuce FOSTs
– Included splice protective sleevw and accessories
– Temparature -40*C – 65C
– It made of plastic , perfect appearance.
– Splitter installation: it can install 1×8,1×4 or 1×2 mini-type splitter in splice tray.
– Easy to open and close, not need any tools
– Perfect fiber route design to ensure bend radius of fibers.
– Special design for water-proof, it can be IP 65.
– Application: aerial-mounted
– There is a device for closing channels without a Fiber optic cable total of 4 pieces
– Cover the edge of the cabinet and the doorway with a rubber shield
and sealant tape around the cabinet to prevent water from entering inside.
– Have Splice Protection 12-24 pcs.
– There is a splice tray that can be used with splitter and sleeve protection for
12 – 96 pieces and has rubber. Cover for fullness
– Internal fixing device are made of stainless and aluminum. To hold the internal equipment from falling
– Resistant to high temperature and extreme weather conditions.
– Compressed air into the interior To prevent moisture
– Channels for fiber optic in and out 2-6 channels and there is a cable tie device for fixing the fiber
optic cable to the device firmly.
– Size : 345 mm x 187 mm x 130 mm (LxWxH)
– Dimension : 140 mm
– Wight : S2.9 Kg.
– Fiber Dimension : 10mm – 19 mm