MPO Casssette Snap-In

MPO Casette Snap-in


Focomm pre-terminated MTP/MPO Adapter Cassettes provide a
high density connection from LC, LC/APC, or SC fiber ports to MTP/MPO
backbone trunks. These MTP/MPO cassettes are ideal for accompanying
Focomm High Density and MPO fiber distribution patch panel enclosures.
Featured options include 12 fiber ports, or 24 fiber ports in single-mode or
multimode selections per MPO/MTP connection.
– Compatible with Focomm Rack Mount HD Series Fiber Enclosures/Patch Panels
– Up to 4 Fiber Cassettes per 1U Fiber Patch Panel
– Flexibility to Mix Adapter Plates with Cassettes in Patch Panel
– Available with LC, LC/APC, SC and MTP/MPO Adapters
– Easily Accessible MTP/MPO Ports for Connection to Trunk Cable
– Reliability 100% tested – combination of high quality components and manufacturing
quality control guarantees product to the highest standards.
– High quality plastic allows for compact and durable cassettes
– Cassette offers a plug and play solution which saves assembly andtermination times
– Cassette allows up to 12-24 fibers
– Single MPO adapter, with pins, APC type, key up to key down