Optical Fiber Distribution Frame (1296-1728 )


Focomm optical fiber distribution frame F-GPX09S is made of top
quality steel and deformed aluminum alloy and treated with galvanizing,
oxidation and electrostatic plastic spraying.
The frame has solid structure and pleasing appearance
– This frame reached YD/T778, YD/T694 standards and Chinese telecom
enterprise product standard ” Optical Fiber Main Distribution Frame
(double-sided operation)”.
– The frame is not only indoor terminal, but also double-sided optical fiber
and pigtail equipment, contains the functions of optical fiber terminal
distribution, transfer and storage, with the advantage of big capacity,
convenient for both operation and maintenance, as well as plays a major
role in optical fiber protection.
– Double-sided operation: Line modules at front side are used to outside cable
fixing, stripping, splice and terminal; Row modules at back side are used to
terminal equipments’ pigtails and patch cords, left side fixing equipments’
pigtails, as well as right side fiber-winding shaft.
– Line: SC or FC 12 cores adapter is installed on the drawer-type 12 cores integrated
tray, and the tray is installed on the tray rack mount; Row. SC or FC 12 cores adapter
is installed on the revolving 12 cores integrated tray, and the tray is installed in the
72 cores unit cabinet.
– Cables and fibers can be inlet from the top of the frame through separate entrances.
Cable (fiber) entrances are protected by cable-protected ribbon and contain enough
space for fiber passing.
– Multilayer horizontal fiber trays are installed on the row modules of the frame,
convenient for frames combining.
– Temperature -5*C ~ 60*C
– Humidity 90% at 30oC
– Air Pressure 70kPa – 106kPa